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Budapest XXII. district commercial real estate for sale

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Real estate code: 1136

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Address: Budapest XXII. district Equipments: no data available

Type: commercial real estate, shop, office, depo

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Office and Showroom with Cellar FOR SALE!

Dear Inquirer!
Unique, antique property for sale in the center of Budafok located in the beginning of Magdolna Street. A 200-year-old 63 sqm cellar with a large ornamental garden, terrace, driveway is looking for its new owner.

Wine bars, restaurants, and the municipal center are located nearby. Great for business as the stairway from the bus stop leads directly to the imposing entrance.

The two-story 107sqm has a large multipurpose space, storage, bathroom downstairs and private bathroom upstairs, interior stairs, and an open kitchen.

The newly vaulted entrance with masonry joining the cellar was completed in 2013.

The purchase price of the property is HUF 99 million.

We are waiting for you kind inquiry!

Telephone: +36-20-9346-953


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