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Gödöllő detached house for sale

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Real estate code: 4200

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The specification of the real estate:

Address: Gödöllő Equipments: no data available
Size: 560 sqm Lot size: 2 530 sqm
Condition: Excellent condition

Type: detached house

Further details: quiet

Other specification of the real estate:


Gödöllő luxurious detached house is for sale - very beautiful, unique designed, reed-roofed.

The property is located: Gödöllő, Pest County (Gödöllő is approx. 29 km far from Budapest)
The type of the property: detached house

Would you please get to know this extraordinary-atmosphered luxurious real estate near Gödöllő lake-system, you can’t meet like this one every day.
It is reachable by car during half an hour from Budapest.
The place emanates calmness, the V-shaped layout of the house call us as embracing arms.
The robust reed roof the unique wooden windows and doors the large terraces describe the outer form.
The tower rising from the centre of the V-shape with beautiful windows signs that some kind of imposing space is located, and a more than 100-sqm living-room is under it which has a gallery and it has good proportions.
The building can function as three separated flats.
The forming of high standard of the house and the high-qualitied tiles are visible in the pictures.

It’s important to mention emphatically the heating and refrigerating system of the building constructed in 1998 which is the combination of heat-pumps, solar cells, and gas-heating through floor-heating and wall-heating, making the working highly economic.
The garden is very treated like the building, the watering-system provides the freshness of the lawn from own well,
The large sized swimming-pool is evident among the services of the high-qualitied real estate.


The ground-space of the house: 560 sqm
The plot-size: 2530 sqm
Garage: for three cars
The purchase price of the property: 149 million HUF
Real Estate ID: 4200

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• Magyarország, Gödöllő - luxus családi ház eladó.
• Венгрия, Gödöllő - роскошный особняк на продажу - Геделле прибл. 29 км от Будапешта
• Ungarn, Gödöllő - Luxus-Einfamilienhaus ist zu verkaufen - Gödöllő ist ca. 29 km weit von Budapest

Real Estate – luxurious house for sale
Hungary, Pest County, Gödöllő
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