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Budapest XIII. district office to let

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Real estate code: 2701

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The specification of the real estate:

Address: Budapest XIII. district Equipments: no data available

Type: office, office building, storehouse

Other specification of the real estate:


Hungary, Budapest 13rd district - VICTOR HUGO OFFICE - office, store for rent.

This business center is next to Váci Str., just nearby at Lehel square. Since it’s seated on the line of Subway 3, its approachness is really easy not only by car, but by public transportation too. The office frequented location relates outstanding infrastructure by its side. The closeness of Internet Suppliers can mean a vantage for the ones deals with computer technology, though other tenants can exploit this advantage. We provide parking unites for lease 100 m from the office.

For the sake of our tenants’ convenience, the building renders the following services:
- 24 hours reception
- offices are partly air-conditioned
- 2 elevator and a goods lift
- buffet

Public Transportation connections:
Bus: 15,133
Subway: 3
Trolley: 76,79
Tram: 14

Office: from 7,5 €/m2/month + VAT
Store: from 4,50 €/m2/month + VAT

Operational costs:
Office: 1160 HUF/month/m2 + VAT
Store: 1160 HUF/month/m2 + VAT

Parking price:
92,00 €/month/vehicle + VAT

These prices above are only subject to availability.
Its calculation is based on the leased premises size and the term of the contract

Property ID: 2701

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Thank you very much for your interest!

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Венгрия, Будапешт тринадцатый район - Виктор Гюго ОФИС - офис, магазин в аренду.

Расчет основан на арендуемых помещений размера и срока действия договора.

Недвижимость ID: 2701
Электронная почта:

Аренда офисов в Венгрии, в Будапеште - Пинтер агентство недвижимости

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