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Budapest XIII. district furnished office to let

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Real estate code: 2510

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The specification of the real estate:

Address: Budapest XIII. district Equipments: Furnished
Condition: Excellent condition

Type: furnished office, office

Other specification of the real estate:


Fully furnished offices, virtual offices, meeting room for rental in the Capital Square office building – special offers!
Location of the office building: Budapest XIII. kerület,

Highlighted advantages:

• No capital expenditures
• Flexible contract length
• Up- and downsize when you require it
• Fully furnished and equipped offices
• State of the art IT & Telecom technology
• Professional reception – secretarial & administrative services
• Attractive business address
• Get a class A building and location at a competitive rate

The furniture is Scandinavian and both the telephone equipment and internet connections are of latest standards. This means that you and your team can move in immediately and focus on your core business.

There will be no need for a substantial investment when you establish a company or a division on the market. You will recieve a contract period that accommondates your requirements.

Pls contact us to understand your requirements in detail!

Reference number: 2510

We hope that the presented property won your approval!

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Capital Square irodaházban, irodák, virtuális irodák, tárgyalótermek bérelhetők - rugalmas szolgáltatások - egyedi ajánlatok!
Capital Square Bürogebäude - Büros, virtuelle Büros, Konferenzräume zu vermieten! Flexible Service - ein einzigartiges Angebot!


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